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Training Arena for Special Agents:
A New Form of Active Entertainment

Active entertainment facilities provide an opportunity to develop a variety of topics and stories that engage children in their own world. For example, the concept of the Koezio entertainment center chain is “Secret Agent Mission.” Visitors enter in groups, with each group aiming to complete a specific task by going through obstacles of a different character. For one of their main facilities, they contacted Walltopia with a very clear idea, which realization was not offered by anyone else on the market. The clients from Koezio together with Walltopia’s designers developed unique obstacles for their rope park which meet their mission of training small secret agents.

Future Koezio Agents, I welcome you all in Koezio. I strongly believe my adventure park will be able to awake your curiosity and deeply change you. Koezio is a leisure park that can host all your special events, my instructor agents are missioned to make your day unforgettable from your bachelor party ideas to your next fun things to do with friends. Whatever the reason of your coming, after you visit Koezio, you will enter the special agents Koezio community and will only want to book your next mission for one of our Live Adventure Games Koezio!

John K., Founder of Koezio Adventure Parks