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WALLTOPIA Reaching remote and exotic places

Evidence that climbing and active sports are activities that are equally attractive and challenging to all people around the world is the fact that there is interest in our products in the most distant corners of the Earth. Climbing and adventure sports bring a smile and a sense of accomplishment to people from New Caledonia to Costa Rica, from the Canary Islands to the Arctic Circle, from Iran to Nepal.


The first Walltopia project in Costa Rica is called Oxigeno Human Playground and is located in the atrium of a shopping mall. It is an adventure facility that combines a climbing wall, a rope park on several levels, and the air attraction Rollglider. In recent years more and more shopping centers around the world are turning to active entertainment other than standard shopping and cinema to attract a wider audience of visitors. Due to the convenience and popularity of online shopping and the multitude of home theater options, shopping centers need to offer something more to their customers to bring them to the mall, something that has no online equivalent. Active entertainment turns out to be just this type of attraction and is gaining more and more popularity in shopping malls, and Walltopia’s products fit perfectly into the concept.

Suitable for people of all ages, the facility at Oxigeno is a fun challenge for the whole family.

Adventure Hub in Costa Rica


The Magenta Wall in New Caledonia was originally designed and built in 2009 and this could be seen in the outdated design of the facility. A few years after it opened, there was an accident – the wall caught fire and burned to the ground.

Fortunately, the damage was only material and the owners liked the old look of the wall so much that they ordered 1: 1 the same equipment that Walltopia manufactured and installed in 2014 according to the old project.

Magenta climbing wall by Walltopia in New Caledonia


The Excitement Tower in Tehran – a facility built by Walltopia, is a Rollglider – a hybrid between a rope trolley and a roller coaster, which gives the feeling of free flight, but in a safe way. Rollglider has been a huge success and has conquered many other territories besides Iran – from Costa Rica to the Rockies, Fuji, Tokyo, Peru, Ski Dubai, and Las Vegas, and despite many competitors – over 80% of such products in the world are Rollglider. Around the world you will find Rollglider experiences for every taste – from extreme, fast and exciting, to slow, designed to explore the world from a bird’s eye view. One thing is for sure – all of them will be unforgettable.


The first and currently only climbing hall in New Zealand, built by Walltopia is Northern Rocks, a bouldering facility with a climbing area of 600 square meters. In addition to climbing walls, in the process of negotiations, the client trusted Walltopia and its flooring under the brand Climbmat. The flooring in the climbing halls is extremely important for the climbers’ safety. In fact, flooring is the component that can save lives in case of human error in the handling gear and although often overlooked, we try to emphasize its importance and offer the best option to each of our clients. For the effectiveness of such flooring, we rely on measurements and accurate data, the collection of which is helped by a very special “employee” – Dummy-an – crash test dummy from the automotive industry. In addition to being safe, New Zealand flooring is made of materials that make it easy to keep the room clean.

Northern Rocks, Climbing gym in New Zealand climbing wall by Walltopia
The Arch Project, climbing gym boudering wall by walltopia Hawaii


The Arch Project wall in Hawaii is nothing special in terms of design and production. It is a small boulder gym built according to Walltopia’s quality standards. The owners are a very sweet couple of local climbers, and their gym is quite successful.

However, we all secretly envy these plywood countertops for their “residence.” 


“We wanted to share a little bit more about our decision to use a professional wall building company and the process to do so. Walltopia is the industry leader and has built more climbing walls worldwide than anyone else. Although we were a small project for them they covered everything from architecture and design, to engineering and production, and offered us the experience and quality that we knew would give us the safest and most durable wall we could ask for. Their portfolio spoke for itself and the team they enlisted to help us through the process was second to none. We’re proud to bring them to Hawaii and stoked to share a world-class climbing wall with all of you!” – shares the owners of the hall in a Facebook post.


Hang On in Lanzarote is the only climbing wall on the island. The 200 square meters of the climbing area offers terrain for bouldering, top rope climbing, and climbing with auto belay devices. Although climbing is rarely the main reason for visiting the Canary Islands, the gym offers an ideal option for cool activities on days when you relax from surfing and sunbathing.

Walltopia climbing walls at Hang On, Lanzarotte