The Biggest Climbing gyms in USA and EUROPE

We’ve never had the goal to set records of this kind. However, while doing our job completing projects for our clients, it turned out that the biggest climbing gyms in many countries are actually designed and built by us. Here some of them:

The biggest climbing gym designed and built at once

With its 6377 sq.m (68,641 sq. ft) plywood panels, Kletterzentrum Innsbruck is the biggest climbing gym in the world that was designed and built in one push at this size. There is another climbing facility, DAV Munich Sud, that features the largest total climbing surface but it was designed in a much smaller scale in 1989 and had multiple extensions added throughout the years.

Kletterzentrum Innsbruck’s design takes about 8 months of constant collaboration between Reinhold Sherer, Austria’s national team coach and gym manager and the Walltopia architect. They discuss the wall design with professional athletes like Killian Fischuber and Jacob Schubert, in order to create walls that fully correspond to the expectations for a training facility and competition arena in the same time.

Walltopia team took about 6 months to assemble over 112 tons of steel structure and plywood panels at height of up to 17 m (55 ft). To date the climbing facility is being used for training camps for national climbing teams from all over the world, it has hosted many European and world championships. The gym has indoor and outdoor sections offering over 800 routes for casual climbers and professionals alike.

“I must acknowledge that the collaboration with Walltopia was very successful. It is remarkable how professionally they finished the job of such a huge scale making it what it is today.”

Reinhold Scherer, managing director of Kletterzentrum Innsbruck

Gym: Kletterzentrum Innsbruck
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Climbing surface: 5 826 sq.m (62 710 sq. ft) | Total plywood panels surface: 6 377 sq.m (68 641 sq. ft)
The biggest climbing gym in the usa

With its 3995 sq. m (43 000 sq.ft) climbing surface, Earth Treks climbing gym in Englewood, CO is the biggest climbing gym in the USA to date. Part of a gym chain with 16 locations in the states of Oregon, Colorado, California, Virginia and Maryland, this gym was completed in 2018. Interesting fact is that the building that hosts the facility was not high enough to feature the desired climbing facility. Instead of compromising with the climbing wall height, the owners decided to raise the roof with a few additional meters costing them significant constructional effort but allowing them to have the climbing gym they are dreaming of.

The climbing wall design is created by Jason Kehl, a famous figure in the climibing industry with whom Walltopia collaborates for many projects.

“In the last 6 years we have actually built 7 locations with Walltopia. Their ability to faithfully provide a wall design that is cutting edge, on time and enriching to the community, is truly a step above all their competitors.”

Charlotte Bosley, Head of Marketing

Gym: Earth Treks Englewood
Location: Englewood, CO, USA
Climbing surface: 3 995 sq. m / 43 000 sq.ft
The biggest climbing gym in switzerland

The climbing surface of Griffig in Uster is 4160 sq. m (44 777 sq. ft) which makes it the biggest in Switzerland. Except for the standard indoor climbing sectors for top rope and lead climbing and bouldering, Griffig climbing gym also features a facade climbing wall allowing the visitors to take advantage of the good weather.

The gym opens in 2014 for the first time at a smaller scale and later on makes two additional extensions to the climbing area reaching the impressive 4 160 sq.m, the last panel of which has been placed by Walltopia technicians during 2016.

Gym: Griffig
Location: Uster, Switzerland
Climbing surface: 4 160 sq. m / 44 777 sq. ft
Най-голямата зала за катерене в Испания

Sharma Climbing Madrid is the second climbing gym owned by the iconic climber Chris Sharma. After the success of his first gym in Barcelona that opened doors in 2015, Chris decided to trust Walltopia for the second time having the confidence to invest in a much bigger facility. While Sharma Climbing Barcelona is a bouldering only facility, the gym in Madrid offers all climbing disciplines.

„It’s been an amazing experience for me working with Walltopia. Ivaylo Penchev, the owner, is a really passionate guy and such a visionary, for me it’s an honor to work with somebody like him. Together we’re working to revolutionize this industry. A lot of exciting things are happening right now and it’s a pleasure to be a part of that.“

Chris Sharma, professional climber and owner of Sharma Climbing

Gym: Sharma Climbing
Location: Madrid, Spain
Climbing surface: 3500 sq. m / 37 673 sq. ft
The biggest climbing gym in France

Climb Up Bordeaux features 1906 sq. m (20 516 sq. ft) climbing surface which may not sound as impressive compared to other largest facilities in other countries but it does make it the biggest in France. Owned by the former world climbing champion Francois Petit, Climb Up Bordeaux is one of the 25 gyms he owns in the country.  For the last 8 of them, since 2015, Francois has trusted Walltopia with his business.

„I think Walltopia is the best company that produces climbing walls in the world. Your work is very professional and always manage to keep the deadlines.”

Francois Petit, climbing world champion and founder of Climb Up

Gym: Climb Up
Location: Bordeaux, France
Climbing surface: 1 906 sq.m / 20 516 sq. ft
The biggest climbing gym in Italy

The climbing surface of 2946 sq. m (31 710 sq. ft) makes  Rock Spot the biggest indoor climbing facility in Italy. Located in the capital of Milan, the gym attracts climbers from all over the country.

Gym: Rock Spot
Location: Milan, Italy
Climbing surface: 2 946 sq. m / 31 710 sq. ft