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What Can Climbing Do for Children?

What can climbing do for children?

Children today are born with a smartphone in their hands. But no matter how far digitalization goes, just as before, children need to play more in the physical world than in the virtual оne.

According to multiple World Health Organization studies, for children to be healthy, they must practice sports at least twice daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. Moreover, physical activity can have a positive effect not only on children’s body fitness but also on their psychological and social development. It is clear that these areas of development are interconnected, but an important question is which sport benefits them all simultaneously.

The answer is: Climbing.

“Children create games out of anything, and climbing comes naturally to them. It is a great sport for kids to hone their motor skills, flexibility, and logical thinking. From scaling new heights to charting paths across climbing walls, climbing allows kids to explore their limits safely!” says Vladimir Pavlov, climbing instructor for adults and kids, member of the Walltopia business development team.
Мost artificial climbing walls today are built by Walltopia and the company is home to a team that dives deep into all aspects of Climbing. One question they often get asked is:

“What can climbing do for children?”

“We know the benefits of climbing better than anyone else. It is one of our missions to promote the climbing sport among young children. Personally, I climb with my son every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We have a great time together, and I can see him growing confident and stronger every day,” says Dimitar Zlatev, COO of the Climbing Division of Walltopia.

Climbing challenges kids’ physical and mental abilities and develops their problem-solving skills.

Walltopia’s extensive experience in the Climbing industry inspires them to develop climbing products for kids that introduce them playfully to this unique sport. That’s how Fun Walls were born in 2010.

“We had a deep understanding of climbing as a sport and a good view of the genuine interest of children in it. We wanted to make it much more accessible and fun by incorporating climbing in Family Entertainment Centers, Amusement parks, Malls, Resorts, and public spaces in general. Оur mission to improve people’s lives by offering them experiences that combine the joy of physical activity with healthy doses of adrenaline came to life with the Fun Walls product. We delivered children and their parents this amazing time they could spend together – physically present in a challenging but safe environment with no screens around them,” says Zlatimira Bancheva, Head of Sales of Walltopia’s Active entertainment division.
Fun Walls are also gamified and interactive. While playing and exercising, children have a lot of fun while training their balance, body awareness, traversing, problem-solving, teamwork, memory, planning and communication skills, endurance, and more. Fun Walls have it all, so little sports enthusiasts can get serious about climbing.

A Chicago parent recently shared with us:

“If you need evidence for how much my crew loved the Fun Walls, I offer this: Not even the promise of ice cream convinced the boys to abandon their climbing.”

To this day Walltopia has built more than 300 Fun
Walls projects in 56 countries on 6 continents.

Physical benefits:

Climbing strengthens every part of the body

  • It makes bones, muscles, and joints stronger;
  • Provides cardiovascular exercise for the heart and lungs;
  • Improves balance, coordination, and flexibility, which can reduce falls and potential injuries in the future;
  • Helps keep a healthy weight.

Psychological benefits:

Cognitive development goes hand in hand with motor skills, so an essential element of brain development is exercise. These skills are critical to children’s success and growth.

  • Improved learning skills and memory;
  • Improved focus and attention;
  • Better problem-solving skills;
  • Lower risk of anxiety and depression.

Social development benefits:

Children need opportunities to build self-confidence, necessary for self-expression and positive social interactions. Climbing helps children develop the social skills necessary for a happy life.

  • Set and achieve their goals;
  • Overcome fears; 
  • Trust and teamwork; 
  • Building confidence and leadership skills.

We all want to prepare our children for a happy and successful life. Walltopia understands that parents face unprecedented challenges to overcome the draw of smart devices and ensure their kids get enough exercise. Fun Walls have all the magic ingredients to help parents raise happy and healthy kids.

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