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The artificial caves of Walltopia

Caves are always an impressive sight – full of amazing formations like stalactites and stalagmites, these amazing shapes are made up of lava, minerals, sand, or other material and have been forming for millennia. In addition, they have many stories to tell – they carry us and give us a sense of what life was like… 500 million years ago. In a cave, you can see rock formations that include fossils of some of the first creatures that inhabited the planet. In some caves, ancient animals such as the trilobites, which inhabited the Earth long before even the first dinosaurs hatched, can be seen frozen in their usual position. The caves allow you to walk in the footsteps of ancient people and see traces of their lives, including the earliest existing works of art. To see the handprint of a Neanderthal who lived in a Spanish cave about 64,000 years ago or a drawing of a bull made by a resident of the island of Borneo about 40,000 years ago – these artifacts not only give us information about our ancestors but also bring us closer to their way of life.

An exciting experience that is fun and educational at the same time

That’s why, based on its experience in the climbing and entertainment industries, Walltopia is developing an artificial cave experience – a combination of educational, exploratory, and physical experience – entertainment mixed with a healthy dose of adrenaline.

The realistic rock surfaces in Walltopia Caves present the authentic cave forms: stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, lava. Visiting a Walltopia cave, from the first step to the last, is an adventure. The tour begins with a safety briefing and then, depending on the length and complexity of the cave, can continue as a guided tour or as a stand-alone quest.

The guide usually helps the parents and the educational institutions by accompanying and delivering games and knowledge along with the adrenaline from the walk. He usually leads a dozen excited children into a dark, cramped, enclosed space and tells them where to stop to see a Neanderthal handprint or animal drawing, and helps them learn how to use RFID bracelets to compete in exploratory games. 

Walltopia Artificial Cave Entertainment Attraction
The caves are gamified

The platform Gamifier encourages game participants to collect points by looking for hidden fossils or filling the volcano with lava as quickly as possible – this way the children could learn while playing.  

The children listen to the story, explore the wonders of speleology and search for hidden treasures as they dig through tunnels, like in a real cave, dive into cave siphons, and have fun. What more could you want?